The ZR Assessment

The profile can be administered via the Internet whereby a candidate is provided an access code and ​he or she simply logs onto a profile administration website and types in his or her access code to complete the profile. The profile can also be administered via paper and pencil or via an e-mail template.

Yes, a candidate can take the profile anywhere there is Internet access. The profile is designed not to have right or wrong answers. As a result, the integrity of the results remains high, removing concerns about whether or not the candidate was the individual who actually completed the profile.

The profile usually takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The resulting Candidate Profile & Behavioral Interview is automatically e-mailed to the hiring manager within seconds of the candidate completing the profile.

Yes, the profile is currently available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Swedish. Portuguese is coming soon. If you need the profile in a language that is not listed, please contact us to discuss custom options.

When Should You Retake the ZERORISK Assessment?
We are often asked when it is appropriate to retake the ZERORISK assessment. The answer in almost every case is not to retake the assessment. The only time the assessment should be retaken is if the results come back as unreliable. Read More.



The Hiring Process

The profile should be administered early in the interviewing process. It is recommended that your company conduct an initial round of interviews (could be phone interviews) to narrow the field down to the most qualified candidates. Most clients administer the profile before the first or second in-depth interview. You are not obligated to profile every candidate who applies, but the key is to remain consistent in at what point your company administers the profile.

It is important to explain to the candidate that the ZR Profile is not a pass/fail test and is by no means the sole basis for making a hiring decision. The profile helps generate legally reviewed behavioral interview questions to assist in making the right decision for the company as well as for the candidate.

We do not recommend sharing the results with candidates. There are often numerous candidates, and sharing and explaining the results can be time-consuming. Additionally, the results are written in a very direct format to help employers make informed hiring decisions.

Part of the ZR Profile results includes a behavioral interview guide, complete with specific interview questions that are customized for each candidate and designed to expose strengths and weaknesses by asking behavioral-based questions. We also offer a behavioral interview course to help you master interviewing techniques and offer free guides and tools on interviewing and hiring best practices.

The ZR Profile meets all legal guidelines and is in total conformance with the ADA and EEOC regulations. All of the validation studies comply with the American Psychological Association's guidelines for analysis of psychometric instruments and follow industry-standard procedures for statistical analysis. In fact, when objective assessment/testing tools are properly used to make hiring or promotional decisions, statistics indicate that these tools actually reduce exposure to "adverse impact" claims.

Our client services team provides unlimited consultation/interpretive support for candidate assessments over the phone. We also offer a 1 1/2-day certification training course at our corporate offices in Dallas, Texas, and our consultants are available to conduct this certification training for a group at your office location. In addition to our phone consultation and certification training, we also provide you with a User's Manual that acts as a desktop reference for interpretive support and offer free training webinars on a monthly basis.

Yes, the ZERORISK Hiring System is compatible with a number of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): iCIMS, HYRELL, HR Smart, Applitrack, and Winocular. We are currently working on more ATS integrations. If you are interested in an ATS integration that is not currently listed, please contact us to discuss custom options.


The ZERORISK Hiring System enterprise license includes unlimited access to the hiring system, an unlimited number of profile assessments and behavioral interview guides, access to over 500 industry success benchmarks, and unlimited consultation/interpretive support for candidate assessments over the phone.

The system is designed for any size company no matter ​whether you have 5 employees or over 1,000 employees. Enterprise licenses are based on the number of employees. Please contact us for specific pricing for your company.

For every $1.00 an employer invests in personnel screening, the savings range from $5.00 to $16.00 in reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, lower turnover, safer working environments, reduced insurance premiums, and decreased employer liability. —Small Business Administration.

Take a look at our case studies to see how our clients specifically used the ZERORISK Hiring System to increase sales, reduce turnover, and increase customer service satisfaction ratings.

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