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Five-Step Hiring Strategy for Success

Having a hiring strategy is just as important as having a sales strategy after all, without employees there are no sales. It’s important to create a strategy that your hiring managers can follow every time. Consistency is key and greatly reduces your risk for employment practices liabilities. Use the five-step hiring strategy below to develop your plan.

  1. Screen the candidate. Review the resumes and do a quick phone screen to separate the suspects from the prospects (general job fit, required training, required experience, etc.).

  2. Prepare for the interviews by administering a pre-employment assessment to each of the candidates who passed the first step. Use an objective assessment, like the ZERORISK Assessment, to help you put together an interview strategy. This type of hiring tool will provide you with objective insights, questions, and specific scenarios for each candidate interview.

  3. Interview at least three candidates. Follow the interview strategy you prepared beforehand so you can have benchmarks for comparing the candidates to each other. Using a tool like a candidate comparison form will help your hiring team compare each candidate objectively.

  4. When you have made your first choice, identify the candidate's key motivators and put together an offer that will be attractive to that candidate. Take care of compensation, benefits, job description, start date, and other standard issues clearly and timely.

  5. Prepare your company for this person's first day on the job. The first two days on the job are some of the most crucial of the entire process. Be prepared and do not leave these days to chance. The company’s expectations, work ethic, and culture are set during these days, not during the interview. Once this is set, it is often very difficult to change.

While virtually all business leaders understand these concepts and see the value of such a hiring process, they often disregard the chasm that exists between what they know to be good business practices and what is practiced in their company. When you consider the costs of an unhappy or incompetent employee can be more than twenty times that individual's annual salary, an additional level of effort to minimize these risks becomes a priority. The risks can be reduced considerably by developing a hiring process that objectively measures the applicant's skills, whether they really want to perform the tasks necessary to succeed at the work, and how they will fit into the organization and work with their manager.


ZERORISK HR helps companies hire, develop, and retain the best talent by measuring emotional intelligence. The ZERORISK Hiring System provides you with objective data on your candidate and an interview guide customized to each candidate. Request a trial ZERORISK Assessment for free to see for yourself.


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