What ‚Äčis the Clear Direction Team and Communication Development Program?

The Clear Direction Team and Communication Development Program provides a comparison of managers' emotional intelligence competencies and motivators with each of their key direct reports, peers, and direct manager and directs them on how they can best work with each person (an objective 360). The resulting Team Directory Report will include an analysis of the team's thinking diversities as well as the management demands that will be required by that manager and provide counsel on how to most effectively communicate with and motivate each direct report. People managers will be better equipped to manage down, sideways, and upward more effectively.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Open and constructive communication facilitated by a third party
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Elevated team morale
  • Heightened employee commitment and accountability
  • Clear team vision and focus
Team Development

What are our clients saying?


The Communication & Team Development Program consistently helped us improve our understanding of our team members' strengths and weaknesses to achieve maximum communication, resulting in cohesiveness necessary to achieve our business objectives.

Senior Vice President & General Counsel, EDS, Inc.
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