Emotional Intelligence Culture Audit

The Emotional Intelligence Culture Audit

Aligning the human capital strategy with the business strategy is a key challenge facing CEOs and senior business leaders. Before a company can get to where they want to go, they must first determine their current "longitude and latitude" in order to chart the most accurate and efficient course. The ZERORISK Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Culture Audit is designed to identify, through objective means, the overall culture, strengths, and blind spots of the company as a whole, as well as of each department/team. The resulting data and consulting provided by ZERORISK HR are invaluable with regard to assisting senior leadership in achieving business objectives.

The audit process entails all company or specific department employees completing the ZR Assessment. Once all assessments are completed, a statistical analysis will be conducted by a senior consultant at ZERORISK HR, and a summary report will be produced.

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​What's Included?

  1. Identifies strengths and weakness of the team
  2. Identifies training and development needs of each employee
  3. Suggests ideas for creating effective work teams
  4. Helps you establish success competencies for hiring top performers
  5. Uncovers potential risks associated with theft, lost-time injury, and fraudulent claims
  6. Assists with succession planning, compensation plan design, on-boarding
  7. Helps you create job advertisements that attract higher-quality candidates

This emotional intelligence-based composite is of your entire organization and will provide you a snapshot of the current culture.

After your EQ Culture Audit is complete, your executive team and or team/department leader(s) will be invited to participate in a consultation session with a ZERORISK HR consultant for a debriefing consultation to discuss the audit results as well as specific employees.


Employment Practices Risk Analysis

The risk analysis helps expose potential employment practices vulnerabilities in your organization like workers compensation claims, theft, and workplace violence.

Employee Role "Fit" Feedback

Is the employee a good fit for the role, for the team, for the manager? Is the role a good fit for the employee? The audit will help you evaluate the "fit" in an objective way.

Company & Team Culture Analysis

Get a clear understanding of the overall culture, strengths, and "blind spots" of the company.

Identify Current Culture

In order to build the company culture you want, you must first identify the current culture.

Team Core Competency Summary

Exposes strengths and weaknesses within your team, allowing leadership to easily identify areas of opportunity.

Uncover Training & Development Needs

Identify the training and development needs of each department.

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