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Plan Your Workforce of Tomorrow, Today.

Chances are the global pandemic has significantly impacted your business. Whether you're learning to manage a virtual workforce or restructuring your company due to loss of revenue, we are all navigating new challenges to the way we work. Emotional Intelligence is more important to organizational success than it has ever been. Eighty percent of the competencies that correlate to success at work relate to emotional intelligence.

The Workforce Tomorrow Initiative is a research study designed to identify core emotional intelligence competencies that correlate to objective performance data and great workplace cultures. This initiative was created to help you make strategic human capital decisions that positively impact your workforce of tomorrow. There is no cost to participate in the study.

Study Participants Receive:

Emotional Intelligence Report 

Each employee who participates in the study will receive an emotional intelligence report. This report is provided to the employee’s direct manager and contains valuable guidance for ongoing management, training and development, career pathing, and retention.


The report includes:

  • Individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Optimal working environment

  • Personal work style summary


E.Q. Hiring
Job Fit Report 

A job role/title specific to your organization will be selected as part of the study and the resulting data will produce a validated hiring benchmark.


This benchmark will display the critical emotional intelligence competencies that correlate to success for that job role/title in your company.


This objective hiring tool will allow you to compare future candidates against the benchmark. 


Study Findings Report 

After the study is complete you will receive a report highlighting the results of each job title included in the study. The report will outline recommendations in:

  • Interviewing and Selection

  • Employee Orientation

  • Training and Development


Benefits of


In addition to the reports you will receive for participating in the study, the contents of all three reports will help you:

•    Identify Core Success Competencies

•    Increase Employee Productivity  

•    Improve Leadership

•    Enhance Communication

•    Reduce Unwanted Turnover


No Cost To Participate 

 Apply below to see if you qualify for the study. 

ZERORISK HR is fully funding the Workforce Tomorrow Initiative. Research projects such as this typically cost upwards of $10,000 for each participating organization. This complimentary study provides an excellent opportunity for your organization to define best practices to enhance your financial performance and retain a quality workforce without an upfront investment.


Workforce Tomorrow Application

Complete the form below to apply. 

Once we receive your application, we will contact you with more details.


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